Our company

Our company

Ultmate Image Corporation, UMAG, is the leader in OLED lighting field. UMAGE was formed in Sep. 2011 and the staff is composed of senior experts. Our team is familiar with OLED device, encapsulation, and system integration. We have applied key patents of OLED lighting with unique features and competitive advantages. Our OLED panels are initially certificated by clients and shipped to Europe, China, and Taiwan. Moreover, technology transfer and consulting service can be provided to the partners for the acceleration of their lighting business.

Lighting technology is evaluated from incandescent bulbs to fluorescents to LEDs with energy saving. But the high-quality and healthy lights will be preferred in near future. OLED is the highest potential candidate for the future lighting. OLED owns comfortable, colorful, healthy, high-efficiency, light-weight, and compact-size features. Moreover, the lack of deep & intensive blue ray in OLED lighting can avoid causing eye damage. That’s why OLED is considered as the next-generation light source. It is pretty suitable for residential and commercial applications.

UAMGE Patent


UMAGE has been dedicated to the innovations and developments of OLED lighting technology. Our technology includes the device structure, pixel design, light extraction, electrical driving, the package structure, and applications. We also have applied patents with unique features and competitive advantages. These patents can provide our partners to own advantages in OLED lighting business. Our short-term goal is to become the leading role of OLED lighting patents in great China region. The long-term goal is to sign cross-licensing agreement between big players in OLED lighting field.